7 tips to to get started watching MMA / UFC

Posted on 26 March, 2022

Courtesy of UFC
Courtesy of UFC

1. Catch the next UFC event

Sometimes it's best to dive in headfirst into what's happening now. Go to UFC's site or type in "UFC" into Google to see when the next event is. As a new fan, there's probably going to be things you don't understand yet, but listen to the commentators and you'll pick up on some common themes. I've written a short guide on how to find the fights. (Note that the UFC isn't the only promotion, but it is the biggest one. If you want to learn about the other promotions, take a look at this article here).

2. Watch pre-fight analysis and/or breakdowns

Before the fight, take a look at any of the podcasts or youtube channel I listed to get a feel for the biggest fights and how they might play out. You'll get familiar with how each fighter fights and try to see how correct the pre-analysis was. Some of the terms that the analysts use may be confusing, but over time (or by looking at my terminology cheatsheet), you'll learn what those mean.

3. Look at the UFC rankings

Even though the UFC rankings has its issues (namely the fact that the UFC sometimes manipulates them to suit their promotional needs via suggestions to the journalists who make them), it still gives a solid sense of who the top fighters in each weight class are. When you see a name that's higher on the ranking list fight, you know that its higher stakes: they'll earn much more money and potentially get a crack at the championship belt.

4. Watch the best fights and moments

Nothing beats seeing the highest of highs of the sport. I compiled a list of the best fights and the best moments for you to get a taste of the incredible moments that MMA has to offer. When you see these moments play out, you'll get to understand the dynamic nature of the sport.

5. Follow fighters you liked watching

There's nothing more rewarding as an MMA fan to watch a fighter climb through the rankings and achieve their dreams. MMA has a wide range of personalities and fighting styles so any fan can find many fighters to be a fan of. Watch fights, listen to their interviews, and find out who you want to root for. Here's some popular fighters that you may have heard of before. You can be sure that these fighters are entertaining in or out of the cage and sometimes both.

6. Read other posts on this site

I've written these posts to be as friendly to a new(ish) MMA fan as possible. Try scrolling the through the topics and read anything that interests you.

7. Consider training a martial art

Out of all the tips, this is the most time consuming, however it is by far the most rewarding in terms of learning what MMA is all about. You'll not only better understand the technique, but the mentality and preparation that goes into fight sports. If MMA training isn't for you or there's no MMA gym nearby, doing any of the martial arts listed in the best martial arts for MMA list will work. If you're nervous or unsure about how to find a good martial arts gym, I made a guide.