Crazy MMA Trivia (mostly UFC facts)

Posted on 31 March, 2022

Which UFC bantamweight has a win over Jorge Masvidal? Raphael Assunção

Which UFC fighter has beaten KO'd Dustin Poirier, and beaten Tony Ferguson, Edson Barboza, Joe Lauzon, and Gleison Tibau... but has 17 losses? Hint: Some of his losses include James Krause, Clay Guida, Darren Elkins

Michael Johnson

How many UFC fighters have died or been paralyzed in the octagon?


Which "Austin Powers" actor was an MMA fighter?

Random Task (parody of Odd Job). Was a real MMA fighter (0-4 record) named Joe Son. He once carried a giant cross in a walkout... and then lost that fight due to exhaustion. He has a loss by submission via "terror". He is also in prison for many serious felonies.

Which famous boxing announcer is Bruce Buffer related to?

Bruce Buffer's brother is Michael Buffer... who invented the phrase "let's get ready to rumble". Bruce was his long-lost step brother who helped manage his brother Michael, including getting him to trademark his famous phrase, netting them millions.